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Apple iPod Classic Classic 160GB Review

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PROS / Multiple language interface and all new games enhance this hard drive MP3 player.

CONS / This MP3 player lacks Wi-Fi, and FM tuner and touchscreen.

 VERDICT / The Apple iPod Classic has all the features needed to make it one of the best on the market.

The Apple iPod Classic is exactly that, a classic. At the end of 2001 when it was first introduced it completely redefined MP3 players (Originally released as iPod, Classic was added to the title in the 6th generation release). It was smaller, held more and worked better. Since then Apple has continued to update the iPod nearly every year. Now we’ve arrived at the iPod.


Many people have said that the iPod Classic isn’t much of an improvement from the 5th generation. To be honest, it really depends on the person. It seems to be mostly just a matter of opinion but regardless, it’s still one of the leading MP3 players on today’s market, especially when it comes to high capacity digital media storage. There are a few players that have more space but then you sacrifice the superior quality of the iPod. You just don’t here very many complaints about the iPod. The other things you lose are all the things that come along with it like the iTunes Store. The iTunes Store has seemingly endless apps to enjoy along with other media. It gives you apps for games, weather, sports, financial and the list goes on and on. The great thing about iTunes is that it can be used on a Mac or PC unlike the Zune which is for Windows only.

There are a few successful improvements but some things that Apple added are attempts that we’re fully successful. An example of that would be that they tried to integrate the “Cover Flow” that is already on the iPhone/iPod Touch but came up short. It’s slow and without the touch ability it just doesn’t fit as well. Some things were just meant to be on a touch phone. The problem with the Classic is that it doesn’t have much room to grow without it becoming the iPod Touch. So go the other route and go smaller? Well, then you’re fighting with the iPod Nano. So basically it can’t go smaller without becoming another of Apple’s products and it can’t more high tech without the same problem. I guess it’s not surprising that Apple now claims the iPhone as the best iPod rather than the classic.

Apple talked up the new design of the iPod classic but it isn’t the most amazing part of this 6th generation model. Really all they did was add an anodized-aluminum faceplate instead of the plastic and slimed it down a fraction of an inch from its predecessor. Both those are all fine and dandy but the one thing that really needs an upgrade is the screen. It’s still the same soft plastic that has a tenancy to scratch. Apple has better screens for the iPhone and iPod Touch, why not the iPod Classic? Maybe next time.

They have finally filled out the screen and are taking advantage of the full 2.5 inch display. The larger and larger side bars were starting to bring about questioning looks at Apple. One big change to those that are familiar with the older versions of the iPod is the new spit screen and third level interface. The first and second levels of the menu have been divided to each take half the screen. You have the menu options on the left side while on the right you have explanations of what that menu option entails. In the case of songs and videos you have cover art on the right side. In the third level you get extra information like how many artists and albums you have under each genre. So it’s definitely become more user friendly which is always good. Apple has of course had it so that more than the English speaking world can enjoy their product. Languages are a barrier that other high capacity MP3 players haven’t overcome yet.

Many people were a little disappointed that with the release of the Classic because Apple discontinued its old iPod games. If you had bought a lot and really liked them then it’s a little understandable but truth be told we see this all the time with gaming consoles. The new ones don’t always play the old games. Its old technology that can and really ought to be replaced with the better stuff that is available. That’s what apple has done and the new games are looking great so far. Aside from that you still have all the other media like movies and TV series available from the iTunes store.


We know this review sounds more negative than anything but it is only because the expectations for iPods are always high. It’s a product that has a history of quality and success but like we mentioned before, the iPod Classic doesn’t have very much room to grow anymore. It is not a bad product. It is actually one of the best, if not the best. It just fell short of the hopes and expectations of iPod users. The Apple iPod Classic may not be as high tech as the iPhone and iPod Touch or as small as the Nano but for the storage capacity to price ratio, the classic still has its place. It offers a whole lot more space than any of the other Apple products and delivers just as good performance.