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Flash Drive MP3 Player

Why Buy a Flash Drive MP3 Player?

The latest MP3 players pack a multitude of features, including apps, games, cameras, and more. These affordable, compact units are portable and can fit easily into your pocket or purse. MP3 players can supplement your smartphone, allowing you to expand your media collection with ample storage and battery life that you can dedicate specifically to entertainment. Some even have the ability to make internet calls without the expensive bill that comes with owning a smartphone.

Simply put, MP3 is a file format that shrinks a song into a smaller size so it is easier to store and move. MP3 audio files are compressed to about 10 percent of the file size of a compact disc track. This reduction in file size allows you to fit more music onto your handheld device or computer. Flash MP3 players store data on a small, durable chip. Unlike hard drive MP3 players, they have no internal moving parts that can malfunction if they are overworked or exposed extreme heat.

Our top three picks for the best series of MP3 players are the Apple iPod Touch, the Samsung Galaxy Player and the Cowan Z2 Smart MP3.To learn more, you can read our articles on MP3 players.

Flash Drive MP3 Players: What to Look For

The best MP3 players offer access to a wide variety of games and applications for you to download and enjoy. The most impressive units offer large storage capacities, long battery life and Wi-Fi capabilities. We also like seeing extras, including a touchscreen, cameras, GPS and FM radio.

If listening to music for long hours is your passion, you will want to pay close attention battery life. Most manufacturers display battery life in hours, so look for a device with at least 20 hours of playtime. You can also get players with up to 40 hours of audio battery life, so you can listen to your favorite music longer. If you want to watch videos or movies, make sure you get a player with at least a 4-inch display screen.

Internal storage and memory capabilities are also key items to consider. Some units hold up to 160GB of data, and many MP3 players have expandable storage up to 32GB using an SD card, so that your memory can grow along with your media collection. On average, you can expect 4GB to store between 800 to 1,000 songs. It will vary based on the quality of the files and length of the songs. For example, an MP3 file compressed at 130 kilobytes will take up more space than a file compressed at 100 kilobytes.

The best way to determine the amount of storage space you need is to create a playlist of your music on your PC or MAC then note the size of the list. If it is more than 10GB, you will need an MP3 flash player with storage space of 16GB or more.

Consider signal to noise ratio, often abbreviated as S/N, when making a purchase. This describes the noise interference in relation to the music signal. The higher the music signal is in relation to the noise level, the better. Look for devices with an S/N rating of 95 decibels or above. A decibel describes the power level of a signal.

In addition to the signal to noise ratio, audio equalizers and the quality of the file you download will contribute to sound quality. If you choose to connect your device to additional speakers, the frequency response and other performance measures of the speaker you choose will have an effect on the quality of your music as well.

The best MP3 flash players offer access to thousands of applications for you to enjoy, from creating your own podcast to reading a novel, the sky is the limit with what you can do. Consider purchasing an MP3 player with access to applications if you want more than a music player.

The most impressive units offer video players, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cameras and video cameras. We found that the cameras and video players on most MP3 players are equal to those of smart phones.

Ease of Use
Our favorite flash MP3 players offer easy ways to keep your music and other multimedia entertainment organized. The best units have features like touchscreens, multitouch interfaces and backlighting. You can find an MP3 players that supports your preferred operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh OS or Android.

Help & Support
Most manufactures have phone, email and chat contact information on their website. Look for manufacturers who guarantee their products. The best MP3 flash players have a one-year warranty.

Flash MP3 players are small but offer a large amount of storage and features. They can easily be carried and they do not require the expensive monthly fees associated with accessing media on smartphones. Today’s MP3 players allow you to organize and enjoy apps, games, music, movies, television shows, photos and more.

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